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Deportation Is Freedom
Steve Cohen

Deportation Is Freedom! - Steve CohenPublished by Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Governments for both Conservative and Labour have for many years been warning us about the dangers of mass immigration. They have created a moral panic where honest citizens have been misled to believe that people from other countries using our health service and drawing state benefits are the main reason for poor services and high taxation.

If you are born in the UK you may never have to come into contact with the British immigration system but if you choose to marry someone from another country or one of your parents' is not British then you may have some idea of how much misery the immigration system creates.

Steve Cohen's controversial new book, Deportation is Freedom!, takes its name from the brilliantly insane slogans by which power is maintained in George Orwell's great modern classic Ninety Eighty Four. But Deportation is Freedom! is not simply a slogan - it is a reality for many people caught up in today's immigration system, facing a choice between deportation and indefinate detention and/or destitution.

As an immigration lawyer with over 25 years experience, Steve Cohen sets out to argue the case that all immigration controls should be abolished. He sees this as one of the last few remaining areas of human discourse that is, intellectually, forbidden territory.

Steve Cohen argues that current immigration controls are an intractable nightmare for immigrants, migrants and refugees and are so inherently racist, unjust and irrational that they require the creative dystopian ideas contained within Nineteen Eighty Four to adequately describe them.

Deportation is Freedom! also scrutinizes the latest developments in UK immigration legislation and compares and contrasts the UK experience with that of other countries.

If you want to know the truth about immigration, Deportation is Freedom! is the best place to start and is available to buy now.

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