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Adoption news, features and resources

A variety of writers give us their views on the mixed-race experience, living with adoption and the ups and downs of mixed-race relationships. If you've got a story you want us to feature why not drop us an email by clicking here and we'll try to include it.

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More Than Meets The Eye
When David Valdes Greenwood and his partner adopted their daughter Lily they had no idea of the assumptions people would make when they saw her, more...

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Transracial Adoptees & Adopters Give Us Their Views.
We all have an opinion on transracial adoption but what do those who've been adopted and those who've adopted have to say about it. more...

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My Fathers' Daughter, A Story Of Family And Belonging by Hannah PoolBooks

My Fathers' Daughter - A story of family and belonging. Hannah Pool's personal account of her transracial adoption and its impact on her life. More
A Wealth Of Family - Thomas BrooksBooks

A Wealth Of Family - A remarkable story of an adopted son's journey to find his biological parents and multiracial roots. More
Birth Fathers And Their Adoption Experiences - Gary ClaptonBooks

Birth Fathers And Their Adoption Experiences by Gary Clapton - Finally birth fathers get a mention in the adoption experience. More
Welcome Kim Lee by Maria Lisa HartgroveBooks

Welcome Kim Lee - Eight-year-old Elliot learns what it means to have an adopted member of the family. More
Other books of interest

The Best thing In The World - Oona King talks about the difficulties of overseas adoption and life with her newly adopted son Ilya. more...

The Other Side Of The Moon - A heartfelt tale of one young adopted womans search to find her Indian family. More

Motherhood Silenced - The reflections of natural mothers on adoption reunions and the assumtions society makes about them. More

My Eyes Only Look Out - Margaret McCarthyWhat's it like growing up mixed-race in Ireland a predominately white country? Twelve people relate their stories. more...

The Adoption Reunion Handbook
For anyone embarking on a journey to find their birth relatives. Step-by-step guidance on every aspect of adoption reunion. More...

The Golly In The Cupboard by Phil Frampton
A story of children's homes, family deceit and abandonment. Click here to read how one boy shone through and became a man to be proud of.




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