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Mixed-Race Parenting: Generation Next

Being a parent is hard and being part of a mixed-race family can be even harder. Read our tips and features here and don't forget to visit our forums where you can swap information with other parents.

child with dreadlocs
Should I Put My Child's Hair In Dreadlocs?

This article by Akilah S. Richards will help you make a decision. more...

girl combing hair
Hair Reversion

Hair reversion is not a bad thing it is just your hair going back to normal and is a sign of healthy hair. more...

mixed-race child combing hair
Hair Need Not Be A Nightmare
Does your child often have bad hair days? We've got some great tips that'll help you keep their hair in tip-top condition. more...

young boy
Aghast At Allergies?

Had it with allergies? Over the last few decades, there's been a fourfold increase in cases of children suffering from allergies. more...

Colour Blind
'I've heard derogatory comments from women of other cultures, but to keep myself from dating a person just because it makes someone else upset is absurd.' more...

Is That Your Kid?
Jon Lewis-Katz gives us a short excursion into life as one-half of the one and a half black kids in his neighbourhood. more...

My Daughter Has decided That She Is White
Dionne Ford finds that children sometimes make up their own minds about their racial identity. more...

More Than Meets The Eye
When David Valdes Greenwood and his partner adopted Lily they had no idea of the assumptions people would make. more...

Finding A Safe Childminder
It's not just a question of cost, there's a lot to take into consideration when looking for someone to care for your child. more...

Build A Support Network
Don't stay around those who cannot support your multiracial family. Surround yourself with friends and family who will. more...

Learn Their Language
Over four fifths of the world don't speak English. We've got ten reasons why you should learn your partner's language. more...

Celebrate All Cultures
It is important to teach your child that differences among people are enriching but also point out positive similarities. more...

Talk About Race &Culture
In the 21st century our race and culture should not be a problem for others but it is. Give your child the right tools for life's challenges. more...

Racially Biased Remarks
Sticks and stones - sometimes it's not the words that hurt but the fact that no-one challenges them. more...

Having A Bad Hair Day?
Does your child often have bad hair days? We've got some great tips that'll help you keep their hair in tip-top condition. more...

Mixed-Race Or Not?
How do you define your child's racial heritage? Maybe this feature will help you make that important decision. more...

Get Your Kids Eating Like Gold Medalists

If your children want to stand on top of the Olympic podium remind them that diet is an important part of training. more...

Seasonal Safety: Treacherous Trees & More!

Don't trip over the tinsel! It's important to be safe but unnecessary to be paranoid about Christmas safety. more...

Six of the Best: Unusual Christmas Traditions

Fermented auks and setting the table for ghosts... just a few unusual Christmas customs from around the world. more...




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