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Mixed-Race News:

The mixed-race experience is often in the news but rarely with a sensitive and positive portrayal. Check here for stories of interest from around the world. If you have a news story you think we should feature drop us an email by clicking here and we will try to include it.

Loyle Carner Loyle Carner An Icon In The Making
'being mixed-race makes it even more difficult because I do not really have a side or allegiance.' more...
 Alex Tung Holding Cord Blood3 Mixed Match
A film to save lives by Jeff Chiba Stearns
The children are passionately learning how to dance with teacher Hoang Yen That's The Way To Do It
Vietnamese mothers in France leading the way.
Kit De Waal Kit De Waal Gets Penguin Advance For First Novel
And puts her money where her mouth is. more...
student reading US Study Implies Female Students More Likely To Embrace Mixedness
But just how valid is the data?
Remi Joseph Salisbury Clinton Tells Americans 'We're All Mixed-Race'
But Remi's got his number.
annoyed man BSA Show No Understanding of Mixed Experience
...and BBC quote bad advice. more...
Lady Vaizey CBE with her son Ed Veizey Lady Vaizey Perpetuating Derogatory Term
Is mother of Conservative minister for culture.
Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock Leonard Nimoy Bows Out
His useful advice still valid today.
Mixed Race Irish Logo Mixed-Race Irish Seek Recognition
Racist abuse 'airbrushed from history'.
Laura Smith Am I The Future Face Of This Country?
Journalist Laura Smith on being mixed in the UK.
Disney's Big Hero 6 Disney's Big Hero 6
A multicultural family film.
Writer Emily Midorikawa from York one of the commissioned writers for Tangled Roots photographed bt Anthony Farrimond for the Tangled Roots Exhibition New Project Pens Mixed Roots In West Yorkshire
Arts council provides backing for writer's experiences.
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Dido Elizabeth Belle © 2013 - Fox Searchlight Pictures She Transcended Lily White Aristocracy
But will we ever really know the real Dido.
Mixed-race child from the Cheerios advert Cheerios Inspires 15 Percent
Groundbreaking ad leads to online photo blog.
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Kim Wants Child To Experience Different Cultures
Yet Kanye once referred to mixed-race girls as 'mutts'?
David Chartrand, president of the Manitoba Metis Federation Manitoba Metis Win Historic Victory
Canadian Government failed to hand out promised land.
teenager Study Reaches Questionable Conclusions
And draws on the same old stereotype of mixed families.
Sue Jardine (left) and Claire Martin, both adopted after being brought to Britain from Hong Kong in 1963. Photograph: Andy Hall for the Observer The Transracially Adopted Speak Out
But is the government listening?
dna Genetic Counselling For Mixed-Race Women
'We can’t worry about sensitivity when it comes to race.'
Erik D Swope-Wise, a bishop at a small Pentecostal church, and his husband getting married Facebook Apologises After Criticism
Gay couple's wedding photo deemed 'offensive'.
Wendi LEVY (left) and Kim ETHEREDGE (right), two "mixed chicks", created a product line because they needed it. Kim & Wendi Take On Cosmetic Giant
Sally Beauty acted willfully and with malice.
Nilin mixed-race female protagonist in Remember Me First Mixed Female Protagosnist Leads The Way
And goes against usual white male game hero.
W.Kamau Bell Bell's Bad Wisecracks No Thriller
Do mixed-race baby jokes go too far?
President Barak Obama From Punch To Obama Via Mama
But he's still mixed.
male nurse 4,200 Health Visitors Needed by 2015
Preferrably young, male and mixed-race.
Emili Sande Emili Sande Found Herself In Music
And her African roots were a big influence.
Gold Medalist Jessica Ennis Jessica Strikes Gold
And inspires Mo Farah to do the same.
Demon depicted in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics Mail Attacks Olympic Ceremony
Diane Abbot saw something different.
angry woman Couple Jailed For Racist Assault
After daughter and boyfriend suffer two attacks .
Morgan Freeman America's First Mixed-Race President
Morgan Freeman tells us what we should already know.
picture youtube Arc Light Cinemas The World's Tallest Married Couple
And they just happen to be racially mixed.
Mixed Britannia - part of the BBC Mixed-Race Season Wanda Sykes On Why She's 'So Uppity'
And why she loves white women.
Mixed Britannia - part of the BBC Mixed-Race Season Hello I'm 'Half Caste'
Student wins prestigious award.
Drew Lovejoy All-Ireland Dancing Champion Drew Dances To The Top
And wins world championship 3 times.
Mixed Britannia - part of the BBC Mixed-Race Season The White Ambassador
'Black people are racist too. They need to deal with that.'
picture youtube Arc Light Cinemas Germans Sent Brown Babies To America
And the British government did the same thing.
Stella Harville and Ticha Chikuni Church Ban Overturned
Mixed-race couples now welcome.
Mixed Britannia - part of the BBC Mixed-Race Season Well Done BBC!
A welcome boost for greater awareness.
Insooni Insooni Sings For Mixed-Race Children
And surprise guest couldn't wait to meet her.
Zoe Nicole as Asha in Same Same - photo Conrad Blakemore Same Same - A Play By Shireen Mula
A live lyrical journey about mixed-race identity.
Ruth Negga as Shirley Bassey in Shirley BBC2 Mixed-Race Season A British First
Ruth Negga Stars as Dame Shirley Bassey in Shirley more...
shocked man Golli Doll In Window Causes Offence
But neighbour claims she's not a racist.
Miles Morales as Spiderman - Marvel Comics Part Spider, Part African American, Part Latino
Spider-Man the epitome of mixed-race.
Ronald Lewis & Kim In-soon back in the 1970s U.S. Soldier Helped Set Diva On Right Course
'I knew she was smart, but when I found out she was famous, I couldn’t believe it.' more...
young boy thinking We Can All Be Mixed If We Want To Be
It's about so much more than lineage.
Andries Pretorius Afrikaner's Not So White After All
Many of them are actually mixed-race.
angry man What Would You Have Done?
Race abuse victim Mark Bohonek jailed for attack
Tia Mowry Tia Mowry Shares Her Pregnancy With Sister
'She secretly thinks my son is her son, too!'
couple kissing Kissing Outside The Lines
'This is gonna be a problem for my parents.'
Punk Legend Poly Styrene Loses Cancer Battle
'My aim with X-ray Spex was to spread joy'
At Least 1 Million in England & Wales
Mixed-race group doubles in a decade?
YSL Launch Concealer For Darker Skin
As UK ethnic beauty market said to be worth £70 million.
Oh No Not Another Documentary
BBC spotlights mixed-race Britain
The Misguided "Thor" Race Controversy
Salon's Bob Calhoun knows why the casting of Idris Elba as a Norse god has caused an uproar.
Supermum Pens Mixed-Race Superheroes
Books for ‘brown’ kids, were ‘victim books’.
Halle's 'One Drop' Belief Causes Outrage
'I feel she's black. I'm black and I'm her mother.'
Police Apologise For Using Derogatory Term
As New Zealand takes a stand against racial ignorance.
Family Portrait in Black and White
A film about mixed-race children in Ukraine.
Dumas Film Sparks Race Row
Depardieu darkens his skin for part.
Mixed-Race Barbie Hits The Uk
Darker skin and broader noses but the hair's still straight.
Mixed-Race People 'More Attractive'
But UK study appears one sided.
What About The Children?
Judge refuses to marry mixed couple.
China Has Some Way To Go
Racially mixed contestant receives racial abuse.
That Takes The Biscuit
Creole creams removed from shelves.
Can Identifying As Mixed-Race Boost Well Being?
Stanford Study Finds It Can.
Race Are We So Different?
An exhibition to help unlearn racism.
Skin - The Sandra Laing Story
A mixed race child born to white parents.

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