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Has Chinese Leader Lost The Plot?

Li HongzhiMixed-race people destroy link to heaven.

Falun Gong also known as Falun Dafa led by Chinese exile Li Hongzhi has been labelled an 'evil cult' in China and it seems others are concerned that his teachings are racist and homophobic.

Of particular interest to is the news that Li teaches his followers that 'mixed-race people…[are] instruments of an alien plot to destroy humanity’s link to heaven.” And that these interracial unions are somehow part of “a plot by…evil extraterrestrials.'

There have been lots of different views about whether Falun Gong is an 'evil cult' or is being hounded by communist propaganda. However followers do seem to accept that his statements about mixed-race people are part of his philosophy.

One Falun Gong follower says that there is a logical explanation for Li Hongzhi's view of mixed-race people.

'My understanding is that when gods created man, we were created to gods image, different races was created by gods of different races and when a child is born from a marriage of two people from different races it will be hard for the gods to trace the child’s origin and therefore hard to save. To which god’s paradise will he be saved? But there are many mixed marriages between practitioners in the west and it is not viewed as something bad.'

Sounds to us like Li's been living on another planet himself.

What do you think of Li's philosophy?
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